The ultimate demand made on a genious is love of truth.

As we commemorate Rudolf Kempe we pay tribute to an artist who as a musician and human being radiated the finest of qualities gracing the greatest of talents - truthfulness.

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Patron of the Rudolf Kempe Society 1978 to 2012
Rudolf Kempe

No conductor sought fame less and found it more readily.

Edward Greenfield Music Critic

Rudolf Kempe was a musician of the utmost integrity. Totally and consistently at the service of the music he was interpreting. His qualities are rare indeed, and his relatively early death was tragic.

Robert Ponsonby BBC Controller of Music

Rudolf Kempe, Principal Conductor to some of the leading orchestras and opera houses in Europe, was one of the last representatives of the great German conducting tradition of the 19th and 20th centuries. Throughout the world he was highly regarded for his baton technique which in its brilliance and clarity was second to none; for the authenticity of his interpretations of an uncommonly wide repertoire in both opera and concert; for his qualities as an educator and guiding spirit of orchestras; and for his integrity as a musician and as a man. His relationship with the music scene in England, dating back to 1953, was extraordinary. It was based on mutual respect between him and the musicians, and on a deep understanding of mentality and shared artistic aims. It lasted almost a quarter of a century, until his death in 1976.