But there is Mozart!

THE RUDOLF KEMPE SOCIETY, founded in 1980 by English musicians in honour of the great German conductor, has among its many educational activities been running a series of Word and Music programmes under the title

‘Songs of Apollo’.

Why? Because the ancient God is not only the God of the Arts, but also of Light and of Healing. More needed in today’s world than ever.

Created by its Artistic Director, violinist and writer Cordula Kempe, a treasure trove of dozens of programmes is still growing, on all kinds of subjects from the everyday to the sublime.


They have over the years been performed in the UK (including all RSC Venues) but also on the continent, by some of England’s greatest musicians and actors including the likes of Judi Dench and Simon Russell Beale.

One of the most popular programmes, with audiences as well as critics


But there is Mozart!

This combines two highly unlikely bedfellows – the Holocaust and virtually everything evil it subsequently triggered off – together with the phenomenon of Mozart. The result of this combination, with the sense of humour that you always find even in Cordula’s darker programmes, prompted the reviewer’s headline.

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Songs of Apollo

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